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Celebrate the World Cup 2022 With These Top Sporting Careers!

29 November 2022   |   by Explore Careers
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It’s arguably THE biggest and most anticipated event in the global soccer calendar: The FIFA World Cup!

The World Cup takes place every four years and will be hosted in Qatar in 2022. While the current host company has come under fire for several reasons, the World Cup signifies an important sporting event that brings 32 countries together to compete and celebrate the role of competitive sports as a social connection.

The World Cup also provides a chance to consider other careers in the sports industry. It’s not just entertainment!

What Does Working in the Sports Industry Involve?

When most people think about this sector, they immediately think about competitive sports, but there’s much more to it. Sports and recreation contribute to various communities’ physical and mental well-being. It’s a rewarding industry to get involved in, and the number of career pathways will probably surprise you!

Over 90% of Australian adults are interested in sports, with 8.4 million adults and 3 million children participating in sports each year.

Most organisations within the sports and recreation industry organisations are small to medium enterprises that work closely with the local community. These could be:

●      Community sports and fitness centres or gyms.

●      Professional sports and fitness facilities, such as stadiums.

●      Professional athletes and competitive sports players.

●      Sports coaching groups.

●      Sports facilities management and groundskeeping.

●      Sports nutrition, therapy and wellbeing.

●      Sporting events management.

7 Jobs You Could Explore in Sports

Job roles in the industry are varied. Some areas may require specialist qualifications, particularly in sports coaching, events management and sports therapy.

There are also lots of opportunities to grow a career through entry-level positions. Here’s a look at some of the top jobs you could pursue:

  1. Sports Coach: Sports coaches usually specialise in a particular sport. The expertise required to coach a sport varies widely. It can include experience as a voluntary junior coach to an elite coach of a highly commercialised sport, such as AFL. Coaches are employed by sporting clubs and associations, government agencies, government-funded centres, holiday resorts and centres, swimming centres, health clubs, community institutions and educational institutions (for example, schools and universities).
  2. Personal Trainer: Personal trainers are experts in fitness training and work with people to help them reach their exercise and wellness goals. Personal trainers assess bodily strengths and weaknesses and create custom workout plans based on their client’s goals. They provide physical and mental guidance and monitor progress. They also make sure clients don’t get injured while training. Personal trainers can work with individuals or in small groups. They may work for gyms and fitness centres or be self-employed.
  3. Recreational Facilities Management: Recreation facility managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of a recreation facility. This could be a gym, fitness centre, tennis court, sports field, or indoor skydiving centre. Typical duties include managing and training staff, interacting with clients or guests of the facility, and managing repairs and general maintenance.
  4. Sports Nutritionist: Sports nutritionists focus on guiding the health and nutrition of athletes. Sports nutritionists need to be able to work with athletes on increasing their stamina and endurance, in addition to educating them on post-workout recovery techniques through the foods they consume and overall dietary needs. Common career options for a sports nutritionist include working in school athletic departments, wellness centres, and competitive sports teams.
  5. Sports Occupational Therapist: Sports therapists perform assessments to evaluate injuries athletes may have gotten through their sport. They check the range of movement and the extent of injuries to determine whether they can return to training. Sports therapists also develop rehabilitation and treatment plans to help them to regain their fitness.
  6. Wellbeing Activities Coordinator: Wellbeing coordinators work within local community centres or fitness groups to provide advice and guidance to individuals within that community on wellness and health. They take the lead in planning regular activities that will suit a wide range of people, from parents with young children to teenagers to elderly and disabled people. They work to empower community members to make informed choices about their health and provide opportunities to be active.
  7. Sports Reporter: If you’ve got a keen interest in sports and want to go behind the scenes, meet athletes and coaches, learn more about how the industry works and deliver information to audiences in engaging ways – look no further than sports reporting! Whether you want to write, present on camera, or chat on the radio, sports reporters form a big part of media coverage across Australia and the world.

These job roles are only just scratching the surface!

Each industry segment will include administrative and other support functions, including marketing, communications, human resources, and accounting.

Sounding Good? Keep Exploring!

There’s so much to explore in this industry, and as more Aussies become aware of the role of physical health and wellness in their daily lives, more people are turning to professionals to help them.

Head to our dedicated Sports and Recreation Industry profile to learn more, and keep your eyes on our employer partners for new ones in this space soon!


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