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Schindler Lifts Australia is part of the Schindler Group, one of the top elevator companies in the world, spanning 100 countries with more than 64,000 employees worldwide.

We are one of the largest suppliers of new elevators, escalators and moving walkways in Australia today, employing over 1,200 employees who design install, service and modernise urban transport systems for almost every building type.

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We Elevate
We Elevate
Schindler Culture
Schindler Culture
What if the world was flat?
What if the world was flat?


100+ Countries
64,000 Employees
1874 Founded

We Elevate…

We Elevate… Innovation

We differentiate ourselves with our modern technology and innovative people. From the introduction of electronic lift controls, to destination control and connected digital services, we always strive to enhance innovation. Through these innovations and the introduction of digital tools and products, Schindler is committed to shaping a sustainable future. Our ultimate goal is to create value for society by continuously improving the quality of urban life.

We Elevate… Values

Our present-day success is driven by our commitment to traditional core values such as customer service, quality and safety, combined with our key strengths of creativity and innovation to produce intelligent solutions in response to customer needs. When you join the Schindler team, you’ll be expected to adopt and live our core values. Our values support everything we do and are fundamental to our leading status in the elevator and escalator industry.

We Elevate… Safety

Safety is one of our core values. We do not compromise on the safety and health of those who use our products and work for our business. We believe that all injuries, work-related illnesses and accidents are preventable, and we strive for the highest standards of safety and health performance. Our safety culture is based on prevention. We always look for ways to improve safe usage and operation, from our dedicated safety days for all of our field-based staff to our Ellie and Eski Children’s safety campaign and the training we provide to safe work regulators and emergency services.

We Elevate… Culture

Our culture is amazing and the way we treat our people is the key to our success. We have won multiple Employer of Choice Awards (2017, 2018 and 2019) for our commitment to engagement and retention of our employees. We strongly focus on the safety of our people as well as their development and providing opportunities for learning and growth. We are a high-performance organisation where everyone gives 100% so we look for people who are results focussed and want to contribute to the company.

Binding us together is our shared purpose to achieve customer excellence by providing safe, reliable and innovative mobility solutions. The most powerful alignment tool has been our shared promise which was developed in consultation with the business: “An uncompromising commitment to safety, quality, customer and each other. Do it right the first time.”

We Elevate… Inclusion

We believe that our inclusive culture, which values diversity of thought, background and experience, is a major contributor
to our company’s success. We strive to ensure a working environment that is free from discrimination and provides employees with equal opportunities to grow and develop in their careers and for people to feel heard. To support these aims, we have implemented several programs to help foster an inclusive culture including our Inclusive Leadership Program, Courageous Careers Mentoring Program, and various partnerships with external bodies.

We Elevate… Development

We take a long-term view on the development of our people and ensuring all our employees are the most highly trained in the industry. We provide a dynamic training capability that uses a state-of-the-art learning environment. You will have access to a wide range of learning including technical training, business and leadership training and soft skill development. Our learn as you grow methodology will give you access to real development opportunities to grow your career with us.

Through our training and development programs, we open a world of opportunity to our employees to assist them to take their career to the next level and beyond. You can grow your career in multiple directions. You could progress from a trades role into a Service Management or Project Management role; move into Sales or even Senior Management positions and overseas placements. For example, one employee joined Schindler Australia as an apprentice, progressed through the business into a variety of office-based roles, moved overseas for several years in a variety of management positions and recently returned to Australia to become our Technical Director. With Schindler, the opportunities are endless.

We Elevate… Apprenticeships

We are very proud of our apprenticeship program which has been running for over 30 years and we currently have over 70 apprentices in the program. Apprentices rotate through our New Installations (Construction), Existing Installations (Service & Repairs) departments which ensures you will gain exposure to a wide range of electrical, mechanical, and telecommunications disciplines, to ultimately become a licensed Electrician. We have a success rate of over 95% of apprentices not only completing their trade but deciding to continue their careers with us and developing long term careers into technical, engineering, sales, operations and management roles.

Our selection process involves specific testing in the areas of mathematical ability, electrical and mechanical reasoning, safety aptitude, an interview and a pre-employment medical. Individuals who possess a pre-apprenticeship Certificate II in Electrotechnology or have previous work experience in domestic/ commercial electrical or construction work have a greater chance of securing an apprenticeship with us.

We Elevate… Cadets

If you are looking for a professional career path, have graduated with a university degree in Engineering, Business, Facility Management or Project Management, then our Cadet program might be what you are looking for. This is a two-year structured professional development program designed to provide you with the skills and experience to take up a role at the end of the program as a Project Manager, Service Manager, Technical Sales Consultant or Engineer. Rotations across the business and even time spent in the field, give you a broad understanding of the business, you will also receive business & leadership training and be assigned a mentor to guide you through.

We Elevate… Careers

You can pursue a career in a wide range of roles from mechanical to technical; administrative to financial; managerial and more. Schindler also offers opportunities to apply for open positions internationally, with the possibility of significant personal and professional growth.

Do you have the talent, ambition, and vision to help us elevate tomorrow’s world?

Our Apprenticeship Program

  • Are you looking to start a career working in a dynamic and exciting environment?
  • Do you want to work hands-on with innovative engineering technologies?
  • Do you want to be working for a global organisation spanning over 100 countries with more than 60,000 employees worldwide?

Why Schindler

Schindler Australia’s apprenticeship program has been running for over 30 years and we currently have over 70 apprentices in our program. Unlike many other companies, we employ our apprentices directly.

All of our apprentices are indentured, guaranteeing employment for the four years required to complete the apprenticeship.

During this time, we will do all that we can to assist you in obtaining your trade qualification and electrician’s license.

Program Structure

Our Program involves rotations through our New Installations and Service departments and ensures that you will gain exposure to a wide range of electrical, mechanical, and telecommunications disciplines.

Working closely with industry experts, you will also learn how to interact with customers and discover what exceptional customer service really looks like.

Training Opportunities

Throughout your apprenticeship, you will be required to attend trade school and study for your trade qualification (Electrotechnology Certificate III).

To complement this, you will also receive additional in-house training at Schindler Australia’s custom-built training facilities, to make sure that you are successful in all aspects of your role.

Future Career Opportunities

At Schindler, we have a success rate of over 95% of apprentices not only completing their trade but deciding to continue their careers within the Schindler Group.

Upon finishing their apprenticeships, some Schindler graduates have taken their careers well beyond the electrical field.

Whilst many choose to continue in the trade, some have taken career paths leading to technical, engineering, sales, operations and management roles.

Opportunities are also regularly available for work interstate or overseas. The possibilities are endless. With Schindler, it all depends on where you would like your career to take you!

Pre-requisite Information

Minimum age:

The minimum age for entry into apprenticeships or traineeships is generally limited to individuals who are 16 years of age or individuals who have completed Year 10 schooling.

If you are under 18 years of age at the start date of your apprenticeship or traineeship, your parent or guardian must sign the training contract, amongst other responsibilities.


As a general rule, only Australian citizens and New Zealand citizens who have entered Australia on a valid passport can apply.

How to apply?

The Schindler Apprentice intake begins in July each year and apprenticeships will commence in the following January.

All applications need to be submitted via our online Careers website:

Our selection process involves specific testing in the areas of mathematical ability, electrical and mechanical reasoning, safety aptitude, an interview and a pre-employment medical.

How to stand out

If you have a pre-apprenticeship Certificate II in Electrotechnology or previous work experience in domestic/ commercial electrical or construction work you will have a strong application to help you progress through our selection criteria.

Meet Natasha

For first-year Apprentice Natasha Cupsa, there was never any doubt about what she wanted to do as a career.

“From a young age I have always been interested in how things worked. I was always pulling things apart and loved all things mechanical and electrical”.

Natasha undertook a pre-apprenticeship course and gained a Certificate II in Electrotechnology, yet despite this, she was told it would be hard for her to break into the industry because she was female.

“I literally applied for hundreds of jobs, I couldn’t even land an interview. There were tears when I got the job and it has been the best thing I have ever done”.

“Schindler values attitude and enthusiasm over gender and wasn’t scared to hire a woman. Apprentices at Schindler are seen as an important part of the company’s future and I would definitely recommend it as a career path to anyone who is interested”.

Meet Nathan

Growing up with an interest in all things Electrical and Mechanical, Nathan Chalouhi found that a Schindler apprenticeship offered him the perfect mix of skills and opportunity.

“The apprenticeship provided some very thorough industry training”, Nathan Said. “It is a good combination of Electrical and Mechanical and not like some apprenticeships where you would be pulling cables all day.

“Rotating through New Installations, Modernisations and Escalators provided plenty of challenges, but I was always given the opportunity to problem solve and engineer a solution. I am always working on something different at home and the skills that I have learned have helped me with everything from engine rebuilding to plumbing.

“There is a good level of trust at Schindler and you don’t constantly have someone looking over your shoulder. If you work hard, take pride in what you do and show some initiative, it will get noticed”.

Recently completing his apprenticeship, Nathan has since moved into a role as a lift Tuner, where he is responsible for the commission, installation management and quality control of new lifts.

“I have not long finished my trade and I am already responsible for commissioning equipment on the largest lift and escalator project ever undertaken in Australia”, Nathan added.

Apprenticeship Experience

Our Cadet Program

Schindler Australia offers a Cadet program to university graduates. The Cadetship is a permanent full-time two-year discipline specific program which offers the opportunity to develop both leadership and technical skills through a variety of structured and on-the-job learning opportunities. Schindler currently offer Cadetships in four disciplines: Project Management, Sales, Service and Engineering.

During the two-year Cadetship, Cadets receive hands-on experience, mentoring and a structured training and development plan.  Cadets have access to a wide range of learning and development opportunities which include:

  • Induction program
  • Discipline rotations
  • Soft skills and technical training
  • Leadership development
  • Mentoring
  • Business skills

Schindler provide a supportive environment, with an opportunity for Cadets to work in several different roles during a rotational schedule. As a Cadet you will be exposed to all parts of the business. You can expect to manage important projects and play a significant role in a department or team. You will develop valuable skills, be challenged and learn to think on your feet in a range of professional environments all to develop you into a future leader.

Cadet Program
Cadet Experience

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Gender Equality

As an organisation, Schindler identified that we needed to transform our culture to be more open and inclusive and to become more diverse.

Our methodology was based on solving business issues using diversity and inclusion rather than target setting. Culture starts at the top, which is why our Managing Director, Nicolas Breton decided to take a top down strategic approach. The focus was on building an inclusive and supportive senior leadership team, then roll out future initiatives to all levels of the business. Our core programs include:

An Inclusive Leadership program

Comprising of a 3-month program that includes 5 modules of online learning on topics such as unconscious bias but also leading with difference, understanding merit and different styles, and experiments that are carried out by the participants. There are 3 workshops during the program, including a graduation where managers present their results. This program forms part of our suite of leadership and employee development initiatives to create a more inclusive culture.

A Courageous Careers Mentoring program

A 3-month program which includes a variety of online learning modules, activities and workshops focused on how employees can develop themselves and enhance their career success. The program has been designed to help employees gain the skills and confidence to get the most from their career and develop the strength and courage to face the challenges along the way. The participants are mentored by graduates from our Inclusive Leadership program who are all senior managers. This has the dual benefit of the senior managers getting to practice their inclusion by helping others.

Continuous Succession Planning and Talent identification

Twice a year we carry out a succession planning review at Board level. This is focussed on key employee groups in the business as well as senior roles. This has enabled us to target roles and identify talent in those positions for development. This 2-tiered approach resulted in a significant increase in promotions being awarded to women, particularly those in non-traditional roles.

Our People

Echoe Dressel

Service Technician VIC

Echoe has been a part of Schindler for over 10 years having progressed through our apprenticeship program to become a Service Technician and returned from two stints of maternity leave. As an Electrician in our Service department, Echoe is responsible for ensuring that our customers equipment is working as efficiently and as safety as possible.

“Schindler really push you straight into safety which is a good thing for the industry we are in. I’ve come straight from school, never seen anything and to have safety be their number one priority was a big winner.”

Julia Zwirko

Design Engineer NSW

As a Design Engineer, Julia’s role is all about providing tailored solutions to our customers within a specific timeframe and budget, working both in the office and onsite to successfully design an engineered solution that fits the requirements of the project.

“Schindler is a place of opportunities. With the right mindset and attitude, they can take you a long way and help you to achieve your goals. My journey with Schindler started as a member of a Systems Implementation team, which was something completely out of my mechanical engineering skillset and therefore very much outside my comfort zone. From there, Schindler not only provided me with the opportunity to utilise my engineering skills but upskilling me within specifics of the elevator sector. As Schindler is a leader within their field and working within a specialised market, they understand the importance of investing in their people and treat success of the individuals as the company’s success, and this is why it is such a great place to work.”

Tania Board

Project Manager WA

For Tania, no day is the same. It’s managing customer expectations, juggling the project delivery in various stages of installation and championing safe work practices.

“I was involved in the Courageous Careers program last year and was encouraged to take more risks and further develop my networking skills and work-life balance. When it comes to encouraging women in leadership roles, have confidence in your ability to deliver and embrace the qualities that make you unique”.

Natasha Santic

Apprentice QLD

Natasha is at the end of her apprenticeship, having joined the company 4 years ago. For Natasha, every day is different, one day she could be at trade school, the next on a construction site installing equipment, or at a customer site servicing existing equipment.

“I didn’t even think an apprenticeship was an option. When I first left school, I wasn’t planning on an apprenticeship and I did feel quite lost because I couldn’t figure out what I was meant to do with myself, but through a process of elimination I just went for it and it has been great. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is considering it.”

Jessica Hunter

Service Cadet VIC

Jessica joined Schindler as a Cadet within the last year. She is currently in her first rotation as part of the cadet program.

“The best part of being a cadet at Schindler is that I’m challenged every day to learn as much as possible through being exposed to new tasks, people and environments. I enjoy the problem solving required in my role, and as someone who is new to the lift industry and without a technical background, I feel very supported by the knowledgeable and friendly field and office team who are always happy to share their experience and help me find solutions. The best part of working at Schindler is the inclusive culture that engages employees and highlights individual development and career progression. It’s a great environment to develop a professional career, and I am really glad to be here to contribute to the success of the business.”

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