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We’re one of Australia’s leading professional services firms. What does that mean?

We tackle some of the most significant issues currently challenging Australia. Our work can be as diverse as digitising healthcare to tackling homelessness and creating smarter cities. Our passionate people come together with technology and clients to live our shared purpose: to build trust in society and solve important problems.

Here, you’ll join a collaborative, innovative and forever evolving community that delivers quality services in Assurance, Consulting Deals, Infrastructure & Urban Renewal, Private Clients, Tax, Technology, and Legal. With a global network spanning 158 countries, you’ll be surrounded by tech and innovation, and belong to a community that thrives on turning ideas into reality.


158 Countries
223k Employees
1998 Founded

Life at PwC

Passion meets purpose

We all want to engage in work that fulfils us with a sense of purpose. We believe that everything we do must be driven by our human spirit – our collective creativity, authenticity and difference. This is why we’ve fostered an environment that encourages you to be yourself. We aim to align you with projects you are interested in and help bring out your strengths for the greater good.

The future starts now

We seek bright, passionate and like-minded individuals who can join us in embracing the ever-changing business landscape. We know many will become our future leaders and we’re dedicated to investing in their development both professionally and personally. We want our future to be one that fosters equal opportunity, from more female leaders to greater team diversity.

Hiring from all degree backgrounds

We hire people from all degrees, including science, technology, engineering, maths, medicine, arts, business, communications, psychology, and law – just to name of few. The type of work we do is so diverse, but what binds us together is creative problem solving. It is all about how you approach a problem and how you collaborate with your team members to solve it.

Tech loving

Our goal is to become the most technology enabled professional services firm in the world! And creative thinkers skilled in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) are at the forefront of this movement. Whether we’re exploring the future of business, restructuring a client’s internal systems, developing new software or tech to use in-house, there’s a passion for innovation across everything we do.

Flex your work

We provide you with the freedom and flexibility you need to personalise your working lifestyle. Our tech solutions mean that you can work anytime and anywhere. Whether that’s in the office, at home, on a treadmill or from a cafe – the choice is yours! With no dress code in place, you can feel free to wear what you like and what’s most appropriate for the type of work you do.

Create your own adventure

We have over 172 offices in cities all around the world, and encourage our people to seek opportunities to work with other teams, states, countries or clients. Travel and secondment opportunities are both supported and encouraged.

Unleash your potential

Those who join us receive on-the-job training, support from a dedicated coach, access to further education like the CA Program, internal development programs, and study and exam leave should they wish to pursue other qualifications. There is a genuine support structure ensuring everyone feels comfortable to be themselves and perform their best from day one.

Embracing difference

At PwC we foster an inclusive culture which embraces differences – one that allows us to live our values every day, be ourselves and to feel empowered to realise and discover our potential. We know that when people from different backgrounds and points of view work together they create the greatest value – for our business, our clients and society. We’re proud of our employee-led diversity networks that promote Indigenous, cultural, disability, LGBTI and gender equality.

Make an impact

PwC has a dedicated team driving firm wide Corporate Responsibility initiatives and we encourage our people to lend their time and skills to activities such as volunteering, mentoring and non-profit engagements. Every employee is granted one day of volunteer leave per year, with flexibility for additional leave when applying their business skills.

Many pathways, many possibilities

Beyond our Graduate, Vacation and Trainee programs is a new entry path for high school leavers! Our Higher Apprenticeship program is an opportunity to earn a competitive salary while studying towards a professional qualification from a leading training organisation.

Our Graduate Program

Creating a career as a Graduate.

As one of Australia’s leading professional services firms, we have the opportunity to create meaningful societal change. From growing trust in food production to building hope in artificial intelligence, our people create trust in society and solve important problems each day. By creating a Graduate career with us, here you’ll be provided with the opportunities you need to contribute to a ‘bigger picture’.

Change starts with opportunity

Diversity is key to creating meaningful work, which is why we look for people from a range of different degree backgrounds and experiences. We may each be different, but we’re united by our shared passion, drive and readiness to embrace the ever evolving business landscape together.

From day one as a Graduate you’ll be challenged by the work you do and supported by an innovative environment where all ideas are welcomed and teamwork is paramount. You’ll address the real-life challenges and opportunities that face the community at large and encouraged to bring your best ideas to help our clients. The opportunity you’ll gain is to tackle the challenges currently redefining our world.

Our Vacation Progrm

Get creating. Practice what you learn.

Gain valuable experience and develop the skills and networks needed to create a meaningful career.

Did you know that most of our vacationers receive an offer for a full-time graduate position after completing the program? If this isn’t reason enough to apply, then read on…

If you’re in your second last year of university in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, our summer Vacation Program offers you first-hand experience at the heart of our business. The program runs over three to eight weeks (length varies per state) and includes full-time work experience during your university break, allowing you to get a head-start in your career before graduating.

We understand you might not know exactly what you want to do when you finish your degree, so we encourage you to take the time to understand how you can best align your purpose, skills and passions to one of our many inspiring teams.

Regardless of the business area you choose, we’re sure you’ll find it a worthwhile investment of your time here. Be it the clients, the people, the networks, or the social events – you’ll be surprised at the skills you’ll develop and how much you’ll learn along the way. Opportunity is at the heart of all of our careers, and our Vacation Program offers just that – the opportunity to return to university with your graduate job offer in hand!

Our Trainee Program

Create a meaningful career, and yourself.

Combine studies with work, all while receiving professional and financial support.

Our Trainee Program is a unique three-year opportunity that offers real paid work experience while you complete your degree. Why not get ahead of the curve and graduate with both a degree and full-time, relevant work experience? You’ll set yourself up for a successful and fulfilling career by gaining an early insight into what areas of work you’re most passionate about.

Putting what you’re learning at uni into practice, you’ll join our Assurance, Private Clients or Tax teams to work on solving our complex client problems. And like many Trainees before you, you may also receive an offer to join us as a full-time Graduate afterwards.

Are you ready to create meaningful change?

If you’re a first year single degree student or a second year double degree student, our Trainee Program might be for you. We look for students from a range of degree backgrounds including Accounting, Commerce, Information Technology, Law – just to name a few!

As a Trainee you’ll be assessed against the competencies of our global framework, the PwC Professional. This is how we define and encourage leadership at all levels – from Vacationer to Partner. Learn more about the framework and the skills we look for here.

Careers in Tech

Ready to embrace disruption with us?

Technology has disrupted the way we approach business, for the better. From Artificial intelligence to Augmented Reality, Blockchain to drones, robots to the Internet of Things, and 3D printing to Virtual Reality, we’re on top of the megatrends. And with new technologies emerging constantly, we’re helping our clients transform the way they use technology to create an even greater advantage for their organisations.

What does this mean for you?

We’re actively looking for people with educational backgrounds or experience in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. But more than this, we’re searching for individuals who are ready to challenge the status quo with us and create the future of business. So if you want to add real insight and value to the projects that solve some of the most significant issues challenging our society, choose a technology path with us and start creating.

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Gender Equality at PwC

A culture that empowers women to succeed.

Women today are making great strides. They’re ambitious, bold and challenging gendered norms that exist in society. Yet, workplace barriers and the issue of gender inequality continues to hinder women’s ability to grow professionally and personally, and assert their influence in the world.

At PwC, we firmly believe that if women are positively supported throughout their professional journey, they’ll be able to push forward their careers with greater self-confidence, take risks, feel a sense of belonging and have their contributions valued.

By empowering female career advancement we not only create gender equality, we also create more diversified workplace communities. This means we’re better equipped to solve society’s most significant problems because we are able to view them through the most holistic lens.

It’s why the PwC community, both locally and globally, is so committed to supporting all our people and to challenge the stereotypes experienced by people of all genders. We do this by actively addressing the barriers to equality and continuously creating an inclusive culture.

We’re proud to be a Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) Employer of Choice for Gender Equality. As the first Australian professional services firm to go public with our partner and employee pay gaps, we’re proud to say that in like-for-like roles our pay gap is 0.2%. In saying this, we recognise there is still a long way to go. We are actively working to reduce our current overall pay gap of 11.1% and know that by being transparent we can stay accountable and help shift the dial faster.

Developing the next generation of female leaders and seeing more women take up leadership positions is important to us. We’ve set some of the most progressive gender targets out there and work hard to ensure our process when it comes to pay and promotion is both fair and unbiased.

We have a number of benefits that help support this such as 18 weeks paid parental leave, superannuation payments on unpaid parental leave, flexible work options, a leading domestic violence ongoing mentoring and coaching programs and inclusive leadership training. To add, anyone can join our national employee-led network (Symmetry@PwC) which runs events and forums both within PwC and beyond to raise awareness more broadly around the benefits of diversity.

We know that when women feel a sense of inclusion and belonging, regardless of whether they are cisgender, transgender or gender diverse, it leads to the best outcomes for everyone. That’s why we’ve created an environment that doesn’t simply embrace women, it helps them to succeed.

People with Disability at PwC

Ensuring people with disabilities thrive.

At PwC Australia, we strive to create a culture of safety to empower people with disability to be open about their needs in order to support them to thrive. Every day, we challenge the unconscious bias that exists in society by focusing on the uniqueness of each individual and the value they bring to work. Because we know, great strides are made not by a single person alone, but by working collaboratively and rallying the right skill sets.

Our focus is on bringing together people who are passionate about solving the tough challenges of society and are excited about shaping the future. Our diversity and inclusion initiatives are at the forefront of driving this change, ensuring that disability is not seen as an impediment but as an asset – opening up new ways of thinking and working.

We’re committed to fostering a culture of openness that empowers people with disabilities to be open about their needs without fear of bias and receive the right support and flexibility to be able to bring their best selves to work. We are driven to close the disability gap and ensure each individual can be seen, heard and respected.

Why PwC?

Mental health support

We’re proactive in addressing mental health with a strategy in place for ongoing workshops, workplace support and a network of mental health firstaid officers. We provide mental health support through our CARE (Coaching, Advice, Resilience and Empowerment) program, which is available to all staff and their immediate families.

In-house clinical services

Our people have access to in-house Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Psychology services through our Health and Wellness team for assessment and case management services.

Workplace adjustment policy

We’ve implemented a centralised process for workplace adjustment requests during both recruitment and employment.

National employee-led Network (Ability@PwC)

We’ve created a network across our firm that connects and supports people with disability, and those who care for someone with a disability to drive positive cultural change.

Disability awareness training

We provide training sessions to key staff groups including Recruiters, Client Service staff, and our Human Resources community, and continue to offer these sessions to our people as needed.

Flexible work

Our ‘All Roles Flex’ policy gives our people the opportunity to work flexibly and in a way that works best for both themselves and their clients.

Learning and development

We work to ensure any training that employees receive is accessible and barrier-free for all abilities.

Dress for your Day

With no dress code in place, we embrace individual differences and trust our people to wear what they feel is appropriate and comfortable for the type of work they do in their day.

Accessible employment

We encourage people with disabilities to apply and gain employment through our mainstream recruitment pathways and have worked to ensure our processes are accessible. We also actively seek to employ people with disability through specialist programs, working with organisations such as Specialisterne Australia, The Australian Network on Disability, the Paralympic Employment Program and Enabled Employment.


At PwC Australia, we know that solving the tough problems of the world can only be done together.

To create holistic, meaningful change in society, it is essential to open wide the doors of inclusivity and allow all people to freely contribute.

When people are encouraged to be themselves and experience the richness of diversity in all forms – thought, background, passion, skill-sets, personal choices – inclusivity becomes a powerful force to drive change.

Our initiatives continually challenge the unconscious bias that exists in society, and we are proud to be a leading LGBTIQ+ employer. PwC was one of the first corporates to support marriage equality, and actively supported our people throughout the campaign. At the 2020 Australian LGBTIQ+ Inclusion Awards, we were recognised as a Platinum Employer – making us one of the most LGBTIQ+ inclusive workplaces in Australia. We are proud members of Pride in Diversity and the global group ‘OUT Leadership’.

Things to Know

Transitioning support

We support our people by offering a transitioning and support policy to any person who chooses to transition and affirm their gender while working at the firm.

Employee-led networks

We have a host of national employee-led initiatives to ensure everyone can be supported and lend an active voice in being a part of the collective change. One such community is GLEE@ PwC (Gays, Lesbians and Everyone Else) with like-minded individuals committed to championing diversity to ensure everyone can bring their whole selves to work.

Parental policies

Our policies for parental leave and personal/carers are LGBTIQ+ inclusive and include foster care and adoption.

There are currently no jobs available

Unfortunately there are currently no positions available at PwC, please check back soon.