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At Pfizer, we apply science and our global resources to bring therapies to people that extend and significantly improve their lives.

We strive to set the standard for quality, safety and value in the discovery, development and manufacture of health care products, including innovative medicines and vaccines. Every day, Pfizer colleagues work across developed and emerging markets to advance wellness, prevention, treatments and cures that challenge the most feared diseases of our time. Consistent with our responsibility as one of the world’s premier innovative biopharmaceutical companies, we collaborate with health care providers, governments and local communities to support and expand access to reliable, affordable health care around the world. For more than 170 years, we have worked to make a difference for all who rely on us. In the UK, Pfizer has its business headquarters in Surrey and is a major supplier of medicines to the NHS.

Nurturing Future Talent

Early Careers

You’re the future. Your ambition, talents, ideas and unique way of looking at the world will help us drive innovation in every part of our business.

Here at Pfizer, we offer a range of opportunities to gain experience, perform and practice new skills during our Early Careers programmes which include:

  • Undergraduate Placements
  • Graduate Rotation Programmes
  • Apprenticeships
  • Summer Student Programmes

Read more about our Early Careers programmes by clicking here.

Virtual Work Experience Programme

Embark on a captivating journey through the biopharmaceutical world with our engaging virtual work experience programme, free of charge! 

This immersive ‘Molecule to Market’ expedition, hosted by Forage, offers a comprehensive understanding of the medicine development process and its path to market.

Dive into the demanding stages of research and development, navigate health economics complexities, strategise practical marketing approaches, and comprehend the meticulous steps involved in crafting a successful go-to-market strategy—all vital in transforming medical concepts into tangible solutions for patients.

Register now for the ‘Molecule to Market’ Virtual Work Experience Programme

Career Talks

We have two exciting opportunities available in the UK to learn more about STEM and where careers in these exciting industries could take you:

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Ambassadors

These volunteers visit schools, attend science fairs and host students for dedicated STEM events. The programme brings STEM subjects to life and demonstrates their value in career education.

SIP (Science Industry Partnership) Ambassadors

SIP ambassadors are industry professionals who share their knowledge and experience to inspire and enthuse young people into careers within STEM. They engage with young people, teachers, career advisors and parents to provide advice and guidance about the various opportunities available when pursuing a science-based career.

Want us to visit your school?

Request a career talk from one of our STEM or SIP ambassadors, who will outline the range of careers available within the pharmaceutical industry.

Discover the full range of opportunities we have available on our website here.

Interested in more resources?

Our schools/college STEM education programme – ready-made science lessons for your teachers and students: Breakthrough Science School Programme | Pfizer UK

Our Pfizer Science Stories – YouTube STEM careers video series – 10 colleagues talk about their career and education journeys.

An Apprenticeship at Pfizer means doing work that helps millions of people worldwide benefit from life-changing treatment. It means working for a company that believes in equity, excellence and protecting your work-life balance.

We need people with a hugely diverse range of talents. Get stuck into an Apprenticeship at Pfizer to launch your career.  As a UK Top Employer for the 9th year Learn More about what this means for us.

Here are just some examples of Apprenticeships available here:

  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Business Administration
  • Finance
  • Data Scientist



Marketing Manager

As a level 6 Marketing Manager, your primary responsibility is to drive revenue growth by both retaining existing patients and recruiting new ones. You will play a vital role in supporting projects and initiatives aimed at achieving revenue targets. This involves collaborating with cross-functional teams, fostering relationships with internal and external stakeholders, and managing budgets effectively. Your work will contribute to the development and execution of marketing and business strategies, ensuring alignment with brand strategies and gathering valuable customer insights. Moreover, you’ll need to adhere to company policies, uphold Pfizer’s values, and comply with global regulatory guidelines.

How this Role Unlocks Your Potential
  • In this dynamic role, you will gain valuable experience in pharmaceutical marketing. You’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership by coordinating cross-functional teams and driving projects towards success.
  • Managing budgets and financial planning will enhance your financial acumen.
  • Collaboration with customer-facing teams will improve your customer engagement and relationship-building skills. Moreover, your contribution to gathering customer and patient insights will sharpen your market analysis abilities.
  • This role allows you to work independently and as part of a team, develop exceptional attention to detail, and refine your presentation skills for both verbal and written communication. It’s a chance to make a meaningful impact in a challenging and rewarding environment.

Project Manager

As a degree level Project Manager Apprentice, you have responsibility for delivering a project in line with defined objectives, taking decisions to manage stakeholder expectations by leading a multi-skilled, cross-disciplinary team.  You will be expected to deliver the project to time, cost and quality requirements. Your responsibilities include driving coordination, project management, and collaboration with cross-functional teams, ensuring compliance, and optimizing processes.

How this Role Unlocks Your Potential?
  • Project Management Proficiency: Gain valuable project management skills by spearheading coordination activities and supporting project-specific work.
  • Global Collaboration: Collaborate with a diverse, global team, fostering a deeper understanding of standards, enhancing your cross-cultural communication skills.
  • Strategic Problem Solving: Develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities while addressing unique requirements for different markets and ensuring the timely delivery of agreed outcomes.
  • Compliance and Quality Assurance: Cultivate a strong commitment to compliance and quality control practices, ensuring adherence to regulatory guidelines and internal standards, which can be applied in various professional settings.
  • Effective Communication: Hone your communication skills by liaising with country representatives, ensuring agreed requirements and deadlines, a valuable skill applicable in both medical and business contexts.

Data Scientist

As a degree level Data Scientist Apprentice your role will be pivotal in shaping the future of healthcare in the UK. You will be immersed in an environment where you’ll master the art of creating and managing datasets for in-depth analysis, develop cutting-edge online tools and data transformation techniques, and establish robust data storage solutions. Additionally, you’ll provide vital operational and technical support to our team of patient-focused, data-driven experts.

How this Role Unlocks Your Potential
  • This apprenticeship empowers you to boost operational efficiency, mastering the art of maintaining dashboards and databases. Your impact is immediate, and your growth is tangible.
  • In this role, you’ll unravel the secrets of data, harnessing it to influence meaningful decisions. The future is programming languages and online tools; you’ll learn to wield them with finesse, supporting colleagues in managing and storing data, implementing governance processes, and ensuring unwavering compliance.
  • This apprenticeship isn’t just about maintaining the status quo; it’s about propelling innovation. You’ll venture into the realms of machine learning and artificial intelligence, exploring ground-breaking ways to enhance your work practices. Beyond that, you’ll delve into project management, sharpening your ability to improve processes. Your toolkit will be brimming with skills that can drive change.

Finance & Accounting Apprentice

As an apprentice in our Finance teams, your responsibilities encompass creating and verifying financial data crucial for informed decision-making across commercial operations. You will collaborate with various financial departments, contributing to both internal and external reporting needs. This apprenticeship offers a pathway towards professional accountancy qualifications such as CIMA or ACCA.

You will gain a deep understanding of core business accounting principles, develop business acumen, and grasp the intricacies of the pharmaceutical industry. Upholding ethical standards and legal regulations is paramount, ensuring the integrity, accuracy, and confidentiality of Pfizer’s financial information.

How this Role Unlocks Your Potential: 
  • Enhanced Analytical Skills: You will learn to analyse and interpret data to drive value-added insights.
  • Effective Communication: Develop your ability to convey information clearly to diverse stakeholders.
  • Proactive Leadership: Take charge of your professional growth, committing to excellence in your role.
  • Mastering Prioritization: Learn to work under pressure, efficiently managing deadlines and changing priorities.
  • High-Quality Output: Apply your accounting knowledge to consistently deliver accurate and timely financial information, honing your skills for a successful career.

Business Support Associate

The Business Support Associate plays a pivotal role by handling a diverse range of administrative tasks. This position involves organizing meetings, managing calendars, coordinating travel, and maintaining vital data systems. It requires keen organizational skills, adept use of Microsoft Office tools, and the ability to handle sensitive information discreetly. The role also extends to facilitating team events, supporting recruitment efforts, and contributing to process enhancements. Collaborating closely with colleagues, this role ensures efficient departmental operations.

How this Role Unlocks Your Potential:
  • By stepping into the shoes of a Business Support Associate on this level 3 Apprenticeship, you embark on a journey of growth and development. This role nurtures your administrative competence, hones your organizational prowess, and polishes your communication finesse. You will be at the heart of department efficiency, actively shaping our collaborative culture. With the opportunity to manage complex tasks and contribute to process improvements, you’ll gain valuable experience and build a foundation for a successful career within the pharmaceutical industry. This role empowers you to handle challenges, make impactful decisions, and become a vital asset in our Pfizer family.

What does an Apprenticeship look like?

My apprenticeship has taught me so much and filled me with many great opportunities! Throughout my time here, Pfizer has helped ensure my work aligns with my learning, giving me a better understanding and allowing me to take it from textbook to practice. I’ve experienced working for a global company at the beginning of my career – not many people get to say that.”

Elle Guard, Dossier Excellence Apprentice, WSR Regulatory Operations, Pfizer UK

Click the subtabs to hear from our apprentices and than click here to view our apprenticeship opportunities on the Cogent Skills website and register your interest.

Meet Alice Bardgett

Marketing Manager Apprentice

“Taking the apprenticeship route was the best decision for me, it suits my learning style and has provided me with amazing experience in an industry I am passionate about. I wasn’t sure about my next steps after A-levels and didn’t want to miss out on the “uni experience” however I don’t feel like I have missed out by choosing an apprenticeship, in fact I think it has benefited me more.” 

 “The best thing for me about being an apprentice is the skills you gain. You get a respected qualification alongside hands-on experience in an industry you are passionate about which is extremely valuable given the high expectations employers have. It really sets you up for your next steps and ensures you are ready for whatever the future holds.” 

“My apprenticeship at Pfizer has allowed me to develop and grow not only academically but as a person. I have gained lifelong transferable skills working alongside industry experts but also been giving the opportunity to push myself and bet the best I can be inside and outside the office”. 

Meet Phoebe Everitt

Data Scientist Apprentice

“Starting an apprenticeship at Pfizer has given me many opportunities that I wouldn’t have received without being in the workplace. It has allowed me to experience working in a professional environment and seeing how what I learn in my degree is practically used in the field of data science. I am getting to work towards my degree while gaining work experience and many new practical skills that will be useful in future.

I have also found Pfizer to be a very supportive place to work and it’s allowed me to meet many people who have a variety of experience that they can pass on to me.” 

Meet Luca Chan

Data Scientist Apprentice

“This degree apprenticeship at Pfizer has been a great opportunity to get my foot in the door in a world-renowned company and the everchanging industry of Data Science. The connections I have made are ones for life, and the work culture is even better than I could have hoped for.

I have already had an amazing experience in just one month of working here, with such a large variety of people with so many different skills, there is so much to learn, which has been the perfect environment for my personal self-development as well as gaining a professional qualification at the same time.” 

Meet Jack Lavery

Project Manager Apprentice, Clinical Trials Regulatory Operations, Pfizer UK

“Applying for a degree apprenticeship with Pfizer was one of the best decisions I have made, it has given me the possibility to progress my understanding of my course by putting it into practice in a supportive workplace, which has also allowed me to develop my professional skills at the same time.

On top of that, I will be able to gain 4 years of experience in an industry I am passionate about whilst allowing me to work with some incredibly talented individuals.”

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs)

Diverse teams are more collaborative, more accepting of different perspectives and more representative of the world we all share.

Our CRGs play a major role in raising awareness and understanding of the challenges facing colleagues. All colleagues at Pfizer are given the opportunity to join a CRG that they are passionate about. Our CRGs run events, host workshops, participate in local volunteer initiatives, and raise awareness, understanding and empathy amongst Pfizer colleagues. Each CRG is employee-led and driven, and has an Executive Leader sponsor.

In the UK, our CRGs are:

  • Ethnicity
  • disAbility
  • Pfizer Women’s Resource Group
  • OPEN (LGBTQ+ Network)
  • Intergenerational Mobility (Social Mobility and Age)

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We chat to Alice about what it’s like as an apprentice at Pfizer!

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